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Another finished object!

This is my simple funky scarf that was actually started while it was still a bit cold. Honest!

Funky Scarf

You can’t see it too well in the photo, but I think that’s more to do with the ‘yarn’ used than anything else. I’m not actually sure if you would still call this yarn, The lable just says Sidar Fizz in Matador. It’s more like string with bits of material woven into it really.

Fizz in Matador

Now, I know that this will be frowned on by a lot of people as not ‘proper’ knitting as there is no elegant pattern to behold, but I would challange that view as the scarf has been made with a knit stitch and just because something is simple and more attractive because of what it is made from than by how it was made, this does not make it wrong.

My scarf feels lovely to the touch, the Fizz was actually very easy to knit with and it came along very quickly, it has only taken me so long to finish it as I kept on starting other things (also the weather got warmer and I had already knit a scarf that I was wearing).

So, I only have one more UFO to get out of the way (the panda hat that needs sewing) the other two (socks and blanket) are destined to remain WiP for a while I think. But I can live with that.

*Gets crochet hook out*

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One Comment so far:

  1. Issy says:

    Totally agree with you on the ‘not real knitting’ bunch lol!!!
    I have 20 balls of Fizz to make a rug for our front room-great stuff;))))
    Who says knitting has to be all five needles at a times with 10 different colours?!?
    Good for you;))))
    Best wishes

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