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…and the project!

Hello  readers, and welcome to the first of the ‘Finished projects’ on my to-do list. This one being my first attempt at fair-isle/intarsia (I have no idea what the difference is…). (Edit, this has now been explained by Mimi in the comments section below – I think she should become a knitting teacher myself! :-D)

This was just a small project to give the use of various colours a go without tying myself up (very likely if you know me IRL).

Using the Pac-Man Ghostie Wristband pattern on Rav, I got to work;


Messy Back

It wasn’t too bad going actually, I wish I had done the white of the eyes seperatly as well, and more importantly tied off each colour on the row as I finished with it, but not a bad result with lots learned.

Pleasing Front

I do apologise, I couldn’t get it to lie flat for photographs no matter what I promised it! Never mind, lets face it, it was always meant to be round.

Pac Man!

When sewn up, it looks Kinda cool, well – on Sam anyway!

Pleased with the result, the pattern was really easy to follow, even for a novice like me, so I would recommend it to anyone.

Thanks for reading! More soon. 🙂

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One Comment so far:

  1. Mimi says:

    Fair Isle/ stranded knitting is like what you have done with the eyes there, stranding the yarn between motifs. Intarsia is where you use a different section of yarn for each motif, as with the ghosts. I think you meant intarsia rather than entrelac, which is where you knit little rows of diamonds in a zig zag fashion, one diamond at a time. Entrelac isn’t really a coloureork skill but can give interesting effects if you use a yarn with long colour repeats.

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