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When my eldest son was younger (about 7ish, he’s 18 now), on the way to school on a cold morning he would constantly ask me for a full-face hat (balaclava). I never got him one because he was always a little scamp and I was worried he might grow up to be a bank robber or some such… Anyway, that little boy leaves in a weeks time to go into the army, and when I was looking around for panda hat patterns, I came across this Panda Ski Mask on Rav. Well, I just had to didn’t I?

I shall show you how it turned out first, then give a few explantations, trust me – you will need them…

Panda Ski Mask. Allegedly...

Learning curve 1. Why is it so big? Well, When I’d cast on (80 stitches) it just didn’t look big enough, so I added another 20 stitches. Won’t be doing that again! Also I think I am a loose knitter, wich explains why there is such a huge space between the eyes and the top of the head, I haven’t added any extra rows in, I’ve just followed the pattern. I used Robin Double Knit (100% acrylic), so that too might have had an impact.

Learning curve 2. Now you can’t tell from that photo (but you can from the one below), but I messed up around the eyes too, I made the mistake of not sorting out my yarn ends after I had finished each row, and I should have used sperate yarn more around the eye area instead of carrying it over. Oh well, you live and learn…


He looks more like he has a sack over his head…

One good thing to come out of this was that I decided to make myself some stitch markers! Hooray!

Heart stitch markers

These will be available in my Etsy shop very soon (not the ones I used, they will be new!).

Anyway, that’s it for this week, I’m hoping to get the Panda Hat MKII done this week before Number 1 son leaves and add some more lines to the shop, so I’ll hopefully be back with more next weekend..

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  1. Lindsay says:

    lol Why does he remind me of the ram raiding gran in the irn-bru advert? Well done for trying, hope he doesn’t take that with him into the army, mind you it would sure brighten up the uniform lol

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