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I’m back! And I’ve been oh so busy…

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I’m not going to put it all in one post, but I’ve got to start somewhere, so here is a round up of my latest project. I finally had my tenants evicted in April and needed to do a lot of repairs to the house, particularly the kitchen. We looked into replacing the doors and drawer fronts, but as it had been a bespoke kitchen, it was going to cost us a fortune to replace them. For not too much more we could replace the entire kitchen. As we knew that some of the units has seen better days and would want replacing in a few years anyway, we decided it was more sensible to just replace the entire kitchen now.

This is the old kitchen, as you can see it’s rather outdated anyway.

Old units

Old units

The last tenant had done goodness only know what to the drawers as one had been nailed together and the other one Sellotaped!





Anyway, it needed to get sorted, so we ripped it out..

Ripped out

No going back now!

So we started on the right hand side with the wall units using the Metod system for Ikea. The bar that you can see in the photograph is what the units attach to.


The first units went in.

Wall cupboards

We couldn’t resist doing the doors and the handles so we could see what it would look like. They opened and closed and everything!

Doors open

Next was the corner unit and the cupboard to the right of it.

First base units

As you can see we had left the sink in so that we had access to water in the kitchen for as long as possible, but now it had to come out. Next up was the extractor fan closely followed by the oven and new sink housing.


That was the right hand side done and time to start on the left. Electricity cupboard in first, then corner unit then drawers.

Left side done

Left side done

Time to tackle the work tops. We ha to start on the right because of the way that they needed to be cut. The second one had to have holes for both the new hob and sink too.


sink and hob

We got the work top in all around then installed the sink and started adding doors etc. At the same time we were skipping around each other as I was tiling.





Altogether it took us about five full days. Not bad for amateurs! We really enjoyed it and learnt a lot. I didn’t get as many photos as I’d have liked as there were people in and out all the time (doing other things) so it was quite tricky and we were pushed for time, but I’m hoping in future to make my posts more step by step. 🙂

Hopefully, this also means I’m back. 😉

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