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Well, today has been bitter sweet for me. Since September of last year I have been working as an Assistant Psychologist with a local CAMHS team. Today was my last afternoon with them. I’ve had a really interesting and enjoyable five months and am actually really sad at leaving, but this gives me two things to be happy about. Firstly; part of the reason that I am sad is that they are a fantastic team who have welcomed me with open arms, had a shed load of patience with me and imparted knowledge like you wouldn’t┬ábelieve. I’m quite convinced that my short time there is what has led to me getting the job I’m going into now and can’t express my gratitude enough for that. Secondly; the reason it’s my last day couldn’t be better, because – on wards and upwards! It’s the best reason to be leaving certainly. I hope so stay in touch and make them proud in years to come.

Thank you CAMHS team, and thank you to my supervising Clinical Psychologist, I found learning under a perfectionist to actually be pretty awesome.

Also: chocolate.

Leaving chocolate

Leaving chocolate

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