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Well Hello there! Wow, it’s been so long I ‘d actually forgotten what my blog looked like!

No, this post isn’t about a new Mattel toddler toy – sorry, It’s about the fact that I have actually managed to finish my socks!


The same size and everything!



I started these socks back in February with the Help of the infamous Eskimimi. I think she has taught me pretty well!

I was following the pattern from her book The Knitting Bible.  Ravalry page here.

The pattern is titled Bandy legs socks, I would love to try them with the striping too some time.

I learnt a lot from one sock to the next, such as how invaluable stitch markers can be when doing short rows, that I can’t do short rows with a dark yarn in artificial light and that life is a lot easier if you put the stitches you are not using on a piece of scrap yarn.

They fit!

Has this given me a taste for knitting socks? Well I guess so, I cast on again that evening! More about that in my next post though. :0)


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