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FOs: Rainbow Scarf and Fingerless Mitts

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You might remember a couple of days ago I told you about the Rainbow Scarf with Clouds and how it was too big for Chloe. Well I needed to whip her up a replacement pretty quickly, and it needed to be a rainbow scarf with pink in it (I know, I know).  I had seen this Rainbow Scarf pattern on Ravelry when I was looking before, and since it was so simple I decided to give it a go. I had it whipped up in a evening, but put the tassels on the next morning.

Lovely rows

Chloe's version of Rainbow colours

With tassels

Little Miss

As you can see from that last photo, There was a pattern to make matching Fingerless Mitts too. I went ahead and made them in an evening, I just doubled up on the rows to make them a bit longer.

Can you spot the mistake?

Yeah, I forgot to do a row of double pink on the glove on the right – oops! Never mind, easily rectified.


They look really smart with the scarf too;

Looking good together

Chloe loves it all

Chloe went out to play in her new ensemble and actually kept it all on, her gloves usually come off at the first opportunity, I’d say that was  a win!

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  1. Tracy says:

    I’m not surprised she kept them on they’re absolutely lovely!

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