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Rainbow Scarf with Clouds

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Well it goes like this. Several days of rain, followed by a Friday afternoon at three where there was a short lull during the Nursery run…

Chloe; Nan, it’s stopped raining!

Me: Yes, lets get to the car quickly before it starts again.

Chloe; When the rain stops, we get rainbows don’t we Nan?

Me; *looks at the grey sky* I don’t think we’ll have any today, we need sunshine too and it’s too cloudy.

Chloe; Aww, but I really, really like rainbows. 🙁

Me; Me too, *remembering I’ve seen a Rainbow scarf on Ravelry*, I know, why don’t we go home and I’ll see if I can make one?

Chloe; Yay!

So, I showed her the Rainbow Scarf with Clouds pattern on Ravelry and she loved it!

I started with the clouds as I already had white DK.

Four Towers of Puffs

I got the coloured DK I needed for the scarf the next day and eventually began on the scarf it’s self.

I don’t seem to have a photograph of them separately, but I will say the scarf turned out very well and the clouds were much easier to sew together and attach to the scarf than I was expecting.

Rainbow Scarf with Clouds


Chloe loves it;

All wrapped up

There is only one problem, it’s way too long for her!

So, I decided to keep it for myself. 😀 Don’t worry, Chloe didn’t go without, you can read all about it in my next post.

In the mean time, there are still places left for Pay it Forward.  My first recipient will be Natalie of Misadventures in Craft, you can check out her blog here.

As I’m off work ill at the moment, there will hopefully be more from me here tomorrow.

See you soon!




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