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Regular viewers will remember the Blanket of Doom and that at the end of it I had a granny square left over.


Granny Square

So lonely...


Well I had a couple of spare large cushions left over, so I decided to make him a large cushion cover to match his blanket.

I wanted to have two different sides on it, so one was granny squares and the other one was a giant granny square.



Lots of Granny squares



Large Granny Square


Want to see it in it’s rightful place? Yeah, I’m sure you do.


Matching Pair



Target Practice?

Looking Good


I’m happy with the way it’s turned out, but wish that I had covered the cushion first, I really don’t like how you can see so much white, I think it ruins the effect.

Oh well, at least Sam likes it…


Snuggly Sam

Sam snuggled up on his cushion with his blanket


Altogether now…Awww!



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