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Crafting Balance 
Are you a knitter or a crocheter, or are you a bit of both? If you are monogamous in your yarn-based crafting, is it because you do not enjoy the other craft or have you simply never given yourself the push to learn it? Is it because the items that you best enjoy crafting are more suited to the needles or the hook? Do you plan on ever trying to take up and fully learn the other craft? If you are equally comfortable knitting as you are crocheting, how do you balance both crafts? Do you always have projects of each on the go, or do you go through periods of favouring one over the other? How did you come to learn and love your craft(s)?


Hmm, well over this past year I have thankfully learnt to do both, but with the exception of Sam’s blanket being such a big project, I wouldn’t say I do one more than the other really. I think I’m a bit scared that if I down needles or hook for any length of time, I might forget how to do one of them and have to relearn all over again.

Looking at my WIP’s to see what I am working on at the moment I have four.

Number One

These are a couple more Panda Bear Hats. I have made one, but it was too small for my grandaughter, so I have made two more matching ones for her and her Daddy. They just need the various bits attaching really.

Number Two

My Bee Keepers Quilt, I won’t be surprised if this is on the needles for a couple of years really, it was never designed to by done from start to finish and I think that’s one of the attractions of it to me – no guilt!

Number Three

Bandy Legs Socks, I have nearly finished the first sock and then on to the second, I would say that these are my current knitting WIP’s.

Number Four

This would be the Rainbow Scarf, the clouds are done and most of the scarf is too, but again I will document that another day as I’m hoping to have it finished tonight and throw another one together before next weekend, all will be explained! So anyway, this is my current crocheting WIP, so it’s one all really!


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Thank you for reading!


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