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Well, it’s official – the blanket is done. According to my Ravelry projects page, I’ve been working on this since February of last year. It has become known as the blanket of doom. It has taken many man (woman) hours and many, many balls of yarn to get this to completion. So, let me take you on a journey;

Granny Squares

It's only just begun...

It all started off so well… unfortunately life just took over and I couldn’t always find the time to pick up my hook. But eventually they grew into;


Bag of Granny Squares

That was one of the huge clear sacks that I got from the yarn shop when I brought all of the original yarn to make it. I’ve left my phone in the photograph for size comparison purposes. It was quite heavy too!

So, having got this far, I needed to double check numbers;


All of the Squares

I’d made all of the granny squares in the world! Well, okay. Nearly. Now I had to sew them all together… this by its self took me a few weeks, then I got to the last half a dozen… Argh! I was a red square missing and had an extra black one!

I quickly whipped up another red square and sewed that bad boy on.

So! All done? Nope, got to put a pretty edge onto it now… So I did a row in black and a row in red, then finally;


The finished Article

Just for reference, that’s a king size bed… Now I’d deliberately done it large so he could use it on a double bed folded over when he gets a bit older, but I don’t think that even I had realised how big it was going to be – it’s a monster!

In Action

Action Shot!

This is the finished thing, doubled over and on Sam’s bed where it will live for a while. The only problem now is this;

Granny Square

So lonely...

There’s nothing else for it is there? I’m just going to have to make him a cushion cover to complete the look!


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  1. Mimi says:

    Wow! That’s just amazing. I had no idea it was so huge. Massive kudos to you. So brilliant!

  2. Vivianne says:

    Well done ! it is mehusive …. 🙂

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