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After reading one of the posts from the Blog Hub swap 2012, my interest in Tunisian crochet was rekindled. So I have invested in this book;

Learn to do Tunisian lace stitches by Kim Guzman

Learn to do Tunisian lace stitches by Kim Guzman

I hadn’t ordered a hook as I wasn’t sure what size I would need, and I was hoping to get one that would go on to the cables of my circular needles.  Thanks to Chrissy from Stitiched-together for pointing me in the right direction for that.

Now I am getting ready for sock knitting with Mimi of Eskimimi makes;



It’s just a cheap yarn for now as I am expecting to mess up, but that’s okay, it’s all a learning curve right? 🙂 I’ll try and get it in early before the wine kicks in though. 😉 Ooh, and I’ve just been told there will be D’aim cake – whoo! 😀

Until tomorrow folks…

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