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Before you ask, no, I don’t smoke. I’m referring to the other addictive form of puffing, making hexipuffs.

Last year a pattern came out that has created a whirlwind of activity in knitting circles, that pattern is The Bee Keeper’s Quilt.

It is basically a blanket made up of hundreds of knitted hexagons, all stuffed just a little bit. You don’t have to stuff them though, those in warmer climates have been making hexiflats instead!



I started it around November last year, but I think it will continue to be a WiP long past November of this year.

Avid readers will remember that Day 1 of the Blog Hub swap had me unwrapping Mini Skeins which are perfectly sized to make puffs with, Natalie mentioned that I should be able to make two puffs out of each skein, turns out she was right.



I am so pleased with them, it’s given me my puffing mojo back too. AND I’ve added my quilt to my project page now, complete with photographs and everything.

This is where I am so far;



They are coming along nicely, but I need to down needles yet again, I am determined to get Sam’s blanket finished if it’s the last thing I do, which it may very well be…

Until tomorrow!

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  1. Vivianne says:

    You are doing well 🙂

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