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Blog Hub Swap 2012 Day 3

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More goodies!

My other half chose my next package to open;

Package Number 3

Package Number 3

It felt like it was full of little balls, so I suspected beads. Was I right…?



They are polish strawberry yoghurt sweets! I cannot tell you how nice they are… maybe if I tell you there are non left you will get the idea – they are very moreish! Thank you Natalie – I have never tried these before and I would certainly buy them again if I came across them.

What’s that? You want an update from yesterday? Well alright then!

First – the puff, yarn chosen by my other half.

Puff 2

Silky Puff

I don’t know what this yarn is, but it is very silky, it felt lovely as I was knitting with it and I think I might like to use it again. Natalie, if you’re reading this and you can remember could you let me know please?

Now, about that pattern. The general consensus was to choose a shawl, as was pointed out to me a knitted one could be done with one skein of yarn, I have some single skeins, so off to Ravelry I went.

There are 278 pages of knitted shawls on Ravelry. Two hundred and seventy eight pages. I am on page 20. If it’s all right with Natalie, my plan is to go through them and put a few in my wish list, then she can pick one of those for me. I’m quite interested in the lace ones as I haven’t knitted any lace before, but there are still so many for me to look at, I couldn’t possibly make a decision yet.

My parcel? It’s so very nearly there, I just need to put the finishing touches to two things, then wrap and send – phew!

Can’t wait for tomorrow!


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2 Comments so far:

  1. That sounds like an excellent plan for your pattern, I look forward to seeing your wish list 😉

    The yarn in that puff (which looks fab) was Moonlight and Laughter Merino superwash. I think it’s from an etsy seller, I got given it in another swap!

    Glad you liked the sweets, I think they’re delicious so I hoped you’d agree 🙂

  2. Vivianne says:

    Have a look at the pattern for Karise; also have a look at the patterns from the designer Wendy D.Johnson … 🙂

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