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So, Hi there. It’s been a while. On planet Tanya lots of things have been happening to keep me away from crafting of any kind, but yesterday I got a bit of my Mojo back!

It was enforced really, for those of you that don’t know I pulled my back at work (yes, just by standing up) and had to come home – boo. But I’d had a whole afternoon of productivity planned! We were going to spend the afternoon outside and get the garden tidied up for winter, needless to say, that was now well and truly out of the window… literally.

So, I’m at home, I can’t do an awful lot, but sitting in a dining chair at the kitchen table is very comfortable, My last assignment has gone in, and yes I have revision to do, but I wanted to do something practical, so out came the round nose pliers and everything else, the six-seater kitchen table was covered, it was great!

Anyway, let’s get to it. First things I made were some Halloween Wine Glass Charms, a set of six for the perfect Halloween Dinner party.

For that spooky dinner date!

After much fun failing to photograph them, I gave up and went onto other things…

Bride and Groom wine glass charms

For the head table.

 Bride and groom wine glass charms, just something that little bit unusual for the wedding breakfast. Then I’m afraid more wine glass charms, don’t worry, it’s the last lot, I shall try not to bore you..

Mother and Daughter wine glass charms

For the perfect pair.

Mother and daughter wine glass charms, then that was enough of those for a while.

I had a bit of a Hello Kitty moment..

Hello Kitty phone charm

Pink Bling!

With a phone charm and a book mark;

Hello Kitty bookmark

What shall we read today?

I made some rose earrings too, but I’m having trouble with the photographs, so think I will save those for another day. I also fixed a few things I had been meaning to glue, but they are not for here. If my movement is okay, I’m hoping for a trip to the esteemed Abakhan tomorrow, so I can knit all of the things! (and finish a few more things off).

Anyway, the things here today are all available in my Etsy shop, so please do have a browse.


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