I’m back! And I’ve been oh so busy…

I’m not going to put it all in one post, but I’ve got to start somewhere, so here is a round up of my latest project. I finally had my tenants evicted in April and needed to do a lot of repairs to the house, particularly the kitchen. We looked into replacing the doors and drawer fronts, but as it had been a bespoke kitchen, it was going to cost us a fortune to replace them. For not too much more we could replace the entire kitchen. As we knew that some of the units has seen better days and would want replacing in a few years anyway, we decided it was more sensible to just replace the entire kitchen now.

This is the old kitchen, as you can see it’s rather outdated anyway.

Old units

Old units

The last tenant had done goodness only know what to the drawers as one had been nailed together and the other one Sellotaped!





Anyway, it needed to get sorted, so we ripped it out..

Ripped out

No going back now!

So we started on the right hand side with the wall units using the Metod system for Ikea. The bar that you can see in the photograph is what the units attach to.


The first units went in.

Wall cupboards

We couldn’t resist doing the doors and the handles so we could see what it would look like. They opened and closed and everything!

Doors open

Next was the corner unit and the cupboard to the right of it.

First base units

As you can see we had left the sink in so that we had access to water in the kitchen for as long as possible, but now it had to come out. Next up was the extractor fan closely followed by the oven and new sink housing.


That was the right hand side done and time to start on the left. Electricity cupboard in first, then corner unit then drawers.

Left side done

Left side done

Time to tackle the work tops. We ha to start on the right because of the way that they needed to be cut. The second one had to have holes for both the new hob and sink too.


sink and hob

We got the work top in all around then installed the sink and started adding doors etc. At the same time we were skipping around each other as I was tiling.





Altogether it took us about five full days. Not bad for amateurs! We really enjoyed it and learnt a lot. I didn’t get as many photos as I’d have liked as there were people in and out all the time (doing other things) so it was quite tricky and we were pushed for time, but I’m hoping in future to make my posts more step by step. ūüôā

Hopefully, this also means I’m back. ūüėČ

London Baby!

So, this is the first in my adventuring posts, or travel if you will. I thought I’d like to document it somewhere, so here it is.

On Saturday we went to London, but not to see the queen… We caught an early train with the only intention for the day of heading to Camden for breakfast.

It was a beautiful day, so wearing only a sundress and sandles (for me anyway), we arrived at the station at 8am. I had to move around to get into the sunlight because it was cold in the shade!

Like a reverse vampire...

Like a reverse vampire…

We got onto the train, only a minute after realising that we were travelling first class. This means free snacks and drinks. Unfortunately, we had window seats with two others sat next to us, this meant only one trip for drinks as we didn’t want to keep disturbing the other poor travelers (they were watching film’s on their tablets). So with coffee and snacks, we were in London in just over an hour.

Getting off the train at Kings Cross we headed to the tube. I was surprised to see a tribute to the 7/7 bombing victims, I suppose I shouldn’t have been. It’s not like I hadn’t been thinking about them last week on the 10 year anniversary, but it still took me by surprise.

The names of those lost that day.

The names of those lost that day.

Underneath the plaque on the wall, were flowers left.

In remembrance.

In remembrance.

After taking this in for a minute we continued on our way to the tube and headed to Camden. Having exited the tube station I stumbled upon this chap who made me smile – we were definitely in Camden!

Good morning!

Good morning!

After a short walk, we started our day by having breakfast in Camden Lock.

Beautiful day.

Beautiful day.


From here we went for a wander around the market, I say market, there appear to be several. My favorite of which is The Stables Market.

The Stables Market

The Stables Market

I’m not even sure why, I just love how eclectic it is. We went for quite a long wander around…



They should have that on a T-shirt… Anyway, I managed to get a couple of photos of one of the horses before it got too busy. There are several dotted around, but they were getting difficult to photograph due to pesky tourists starting to mill around. ūüėČ



We found the Cereal Killer Cafe, which is a rather interesting concept to say the least! We were considering lunch by now though and I was looking forward to cider rather than milk (yuk!)



We headed to one of our favorite pubs for lunch and a cold drink before heading back to one of the shops we had seen earlier on in the day.

Liquid lunch?

Liquid lunch?

I love me some strawberry and lime! I seem to be some photos missing after this though. ūüôĀ We went to a games shop called Village Games where we picked up Chrononaughts and Mindtrap. With our booty we headed back to the tube station (via a couple more markets) and past the Mad Hatter’s tea party…



We headed to Borough Market where we got a few nibbles then over to Hyde park where we hired a couple of deck chairs and sat eating our picnic while drinking wine out of the bottle because we’re classy like that we hadn’t any glasses or cups. An hour later we were on our way to 23 Grosvenor Gardens for a friends birthday (getting changed in the loo – classy remember?!)

Anyway, sorry for a lack of photos towards the end of the evening, I shall try better next time! We drank champagne and cocktails and caught the last train home. Zzz

Biggest Project Yet!

Well, Facebook tells me we’ve lived here for two years now, and people keep asking me for photographs, so I figured some blogging about it wouldn’t go a miss. Two years ago we brought a three bed unmodernised (of sorts) semi detached ex local authority house. We both work full time and I was out of action for the best part of 12 months due to illness; I’m all better now though! I’ll post about the different rooms over time, but since the biggest project of the lot is starting, I thought it might be a good starting point to track it.

When I say the house was unmodernised, I mean since the 70/80s. Things like one single plug socket in every room, trunking over the electrical wires rather than channeled into the wall etc.. To make matters worse (for us) the previous elderly owners, also appeared to be chain smokers. Now we’re working on a budget here and trying to do a lot of it ourselves, so some stuff we’ve simply not touched for now. Others things have had to be sorted however.

Anyway, I’m rambling, lets get to what’s going on today. The house had double glazing when we moved in, but I think it was from a time when double glazing first came out. It all needs replacing. We’ve done a few rooms which I will show you when I get to them, but for today we are having a new kitchen window and the dining room window removed and replaced with French doors – can’t wait!

Old Dining Room Window

Old Dining Room Window

As you can see they are Georgian style windows, I don’t really like this sort as I dislike anything that blocks out light. Most of the windows are blown in the house too, so it looks awful as the squares mist up.

The kitchen window is a very odd place, or rather the cabinets are under it. I’m glad we have workmen to do this for us as I struggle to get to it to clean it. the cabinets are at an ‘L’ shape next to the adjoining wall. When the kitchen is done, these will be removed anyway.

Old Kitchen Window

Old Kitchen Window

You can also see (just!) that the pipework runs across the ceiling (I don’t know, so just don’t ask) we will get that sorted out before we have the plastering done in there. There are also polystyrene tiles on the kitchen ceiling – nice. Will have those down this weekend hopefully.

Well, I took those photos this morning before the workmen arrived. They have now gone so I have the (almost) finished article to show you!

This is the kitchen window now, it looks much brighter in there just because of the loss of the Georgian bars.

So much better.

So much better.

It just makes the kitchen look so much cleaner too and that’s no mean feat! But it is for another day.

I’m so impressed with how the dining room looks now too. The new French doors just let in so much light, I can’t wait until the wall is down too!

So much light!

So much light!

We’re not allowed to open them until tomorrow so that the rendering doesn’t crack – it’s hard not too, but it’s just one night, so I’m sure we’ll manage.

It even looks different from the outside, although I didn’t think to take any photos outside this morning for some reason.

New doors!

New doors!

The cat is confused and keeps giving them a sniff, I’m sure he’ll be happy tomorrow though when he realises that they are giant cat flaps!

Anyway, this is my first update in a while, so I think I’ve rambled on enough. I’ll try to remember to take photographs with a proper camera in future too instead of being lazy and just using my phone.

Hope you all have lovely, fun packed 4th of July weekends!


A Day in the Life… 5KCBWDAY1

Describe a day in the life of a project that you have made, or are in the process of making.




I sit here all day, waiting for attention,

Finally picked up,  feelings of elation,

The click clack of the needles, with the odd squidge here and there,

Means so much more, now the occasion is so rare.


Happy New Year!

Yes, it’s the 2nd of Jan now. It’s also 00:30 as I start writing this. What am I doing up at this hour blogging when I have to be up for work in a few hours? Well let me tell you. I’ve been to bed and trying to sleep for the last two hours, but my head is so full of all the exciting things that are going to happen in 2014 that I simply can’t sleep!

We saw the new year in in style last night, drinking Champagne in our pajamas.


NYE 2013


So anyway, we also made plans for what we would like to achieve in 2014, both individually and as a couple. I can’t stop thinking about them though!

The most important one for me is to get healthy, I haven’t been well towards the end of 2013 and it’s brought home how important my health is and how much I need to look after myself because I’ve only got one body and a lot of living to do!

There are other things such as learning to sew properly with my sewing machine, and career aspirations, but I’ll go into them another time. I’m hoping that writing it all out here and resurrecting my blog will help me to get my head around things too.

Don’t worry, there will still be crafty posts, just not as many. Partly because I have so many things going on in my life that I don’t have as much time to craft as I would like, but also because there are other important things going on in my life too that others might find interesting.

Anyway, I’m off to check out some tax laws – if that doesn’t send me to sleep nothing will!

Goodnight and happy 2014 to all readers, I hope you are as excited about all of the possibilities in our futures as I am.

Tanya :0) xxx


I know, they’re like buses…

Well, today has been bitter sweet for me. Since September of last year I have been working as an Assistant Psychologist with a local CAMHS team. Today was my last afternoon with them. I’ve had a really interesting and enjoyable five months and am actually really sad at leaving, but this gives me two things to be happy about. Firstly; part of the reason that I am sad is that they are a fantastic team who have welcomed me with open arms, had a shed load of patience with me and imparted knowledge like you wouldn’t¬†believe. I’m quite convinced that my short time there is what has led to me getting the job I’m going into now and can’t express my gratitude enough for that. Secondly; the reason it’s my last day couldn’t be better, because – on wards and upwards! It’s the best reason to be leaving certainly. I hope so stay in touch and make them proud in years to come.

Thank you CAMHS team, and thank you to my supervising Clinical Psychologist, I found learning under a perfectionist to actually be pretty awesome.

Also: chocolate.

Leaving chocolate

Leaving chocolate


It’s actually been five whole months since I logged in here, that’s pretty shocking really. I even had to Google how to log in as I’m on a different PC now having replaced the desktop with a laptop.

If you’re expecting a post on what I’ve been making lately, you might as well stop reading now. I haven’t had chance to craft a single thing (disappointingly) apart from a mess… You see a lot has been happening at Chez Tanya.

Firstly, I have a new job – hurray! Well, I’ve not started it yet. Got six more weeks and then it’s all systems go. Actually, that’s a bit of a lie because all systems are already go. It’s not just a new job, it’s in another part of the country, so I’m relocating. Also, I need to get my current house ready for rental, so that’s interesting when you consider I’m still only on a part time wage and will have to go to work on that for my first month, while also finding somewhere to live… I don’t know how people do this, seriously.

Anyway, I didn’t open this place up for a whinge, it was more of a catch up with everybody. It is¬†stressful¬†though, there is so much to do that I have lists of lists.

Well, D-day is 8th April, so if you have any advice (or any of you have a double room to rent on a temporary basis in the Leicester area) let me know!

Not Impressed.

Not Impressed.


My First Socks

Well Hello there! Wow, it’s been so long I ‘d actually¬†forgotten¬†what my blog looked like!

No, this post isn’t about a new¬†Mattel¬†toddler toy – sorry, It’s about the fact that I have actually managed to finish my socks!


The same size and everything!



I started these socks back in February with the Help of the infamous Eskimimi. I think she has taught me pretty well!

I was following the pattern from her book The Knitting Bible.  Ravalry page here.

The pattern is titled Bandy legs socks, I would love to try them with the striping too some time.

I learnt a lot from one sock to the next, such as how¬†invaluable stitch markers can be when doing short rows, that I can’t do short rows with a dark yarn in artificial light and that life is a lot easier if you put the stitches you are not using on a¬†piece¬†of scrap yarn.

They fit!

Has this given me a taste for knitting socks? Well I guess so, I cast on again that evening! More about that in my next post though. :0)


FOs: Rainbow Scarf and Fingerless Mitts

You might remember a couple of days ago I told you about the Rainbow Scarf with Clouds and how it was too big for Chloe. Well I needed to whip her up a replacement pretty quickly, and it needed to be a rainbow scarf with pink in it (I know, I know).  I had seen this Rainbow Scarf pattern on Ravelry when I was looking before, and since it was so simple I decided to give it a go. I had it whipped up in a evening, but put the tassels on the next morning.

Lovely rows

Chloe's version of Rainbow colours

With tassels

Little Miss

As you can see from that last photo, There was a pattern to make matching Fingerless Mitts too. I went ahead and made them in an evening, I just doubled up on the rows to make them a bit longer.

Can you spot the mistake?

Yeah, I forgot to do a row of double pink on the glove on the right – oops! Never mind, easily rectified.


They look really smart with the scarf too;

Looking good together

Chloe loves it all

Chloe went out to play in her new ensemble and actually kept it all on, her gloves usually come off at the first¬†opportunity, I’d say that was ¬†a win!

Rainbow Scarf with Clouds

Well it goes like this. Several days of rain, followed by a Friday afternoon at three where there was a short lull during the Nursery run…

Chloe; Nan, it’s stopped raining!

Me: Yes, lets get to the car quickly before it starts again.

Chloe; When the rain stops, we get rainbows don’t we Nan?

Me; *looks at the grey sky* I don’t think we’ll have any today, we need sunshine too and it’s too cloudy.

Chloe; Aww, but I really, really like rainbows. ūüôĀ

Me; Me too, *remembering I’ve seen a Rainbow scarf on Ravelry*, I know, why don’t we go home and I’ll see if I can make one?

Chloe; Yay!

So, I showed her the Rainbow Scarf with Clouds pattern on Ravelry and she loved it!

I started with the clouds as I already had white DK.

Four Towers of Puffs

I got the coloured DK I needed for the scarf the next day and eventually began on the scarf¬†it’s self.

I don’t seem to have a photograph of them¬†separately, but I will say the scarf turned out very well and the clouds were much easier to sew together and attach to the scarf than I was expecting.

Rainbow Scarf with Clouds


Chloe loves it;

All wrapped up

There is only one problem, it’s way too long for her!

So, I decided to keep it for myself. ūüėÄ Don’t worry, Chloe didn’t go without, you can read all about it in my next post.

In the mean time, there are still places left for Pay it Forward.  My first recipient will be Natalie of Misadventures in Craft, you can check out her blog here.

As I’m off work ill at the moment, there will hopefully be more from me here tomorrow.

See you soon!




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